Monday, 1 February 2010

You may have noticed but we like to shop.

Saturday, Anisha and I went on a little shopping trip to delightful town. We had a lovely day wondering about looking at clothes, sales and food :) We took a walk down to the vintage shop and managed to buy a few things.

I bought a lovely gold necklace and a real silver ring all for just £5! And Anisha bought a cute little necklace and a wicked studded bracelet for only £3. Our shopping trip was a success although Anisha is yet to find a leather jacket and we are both still searching for brown brogues. If you no anywhere that does them for cheap please comment!

Here are pictures of our outfits:

Scarf Oasis, Shirt Vintage, Cardigan Urban Outfitters, T-Shirt Topshop, Necklace, H&M, Bag Primark, Skirt H&M, Boots some shop in Italy?


Shoes-Converse, Bag-Warehouse, Shirt-New York, Jacket-New York

Here are our purchases:

Anisha- These are my gorgeous boots that I brought for 25 quid from the Birmingham Indoor Market. I thank Andie for these gorgeous beauties as she showed me the stall as she brought a similar pair before. They are rather expensive on the high-street and I've been wanting a pair like this for some time.
Thank you for these gorgeous boots!

My gorgeous studded braclet from the vintage store at the Custard Factory for £4. I love anything with studs!

My £3 necklace also from the vintage fair at the custard factory.

Andie's gorgeous necklace from the Custard Factory vintage shop. How amazing are those golden leaves and that painted blue heart?

Andie's real silver ring from the Custard Factory Vintage store which she brought for a fiver. It's real silver so it won't rust and its definitely a bargain, plus it look gorgeous on her!


  1. And it won't turn your finger green!!
    I love the necklaces! I've been to the vintage fayre before, but I never found anything that nice :/

    Abi x

  2. Ahhh, I love both your outfits!
    Anisha - I remember when you were so excited about buying those boots in Italy :D
    Andie - Ahhhh, New York clothes, I'm going in the summer, I'm sooo excited :)

    And your buys are actually so niiiice
    ANISHA, I LOVE YOUR BOOTS. I've been looking for some like those foreverrr, where are they from?

    Ummm, I got some black leather brogues off eBay, try looking on there as I got mine quite cheap. Otherwise, try Office, I reckon. :)

    Chloe xxx

  3. Thanks guys:)
    and thanks chloe:D
    the boots are from Birmingham indoor market, when you enter (by the entrance opposite JBB SPORTS) carry on down straight and theres a stall in the middle with loads of nice shoes! You should go, mine were only 25 quid! Tell me when you buy them! xx

  4. My pleasure :)
    And oh my days, they were only 25?! I've seen loads like yours for like 65 at least, so I was like, nooo chance. But, yeah, for 25, I might just get some!
    I wanna decide whether I wanna get like knee high zip leather boots with a buckle or ones like yours.. ahh, tough decisions!
    Thanks anyway :D XX