Sunday, 21 February 2010

We wanted Alexa, but all we got was denim.

I don't normally buy Vogue (mainly due to the price!) but I saw Alexa Chung on the cover and I just needed it. I was a little sad and disappointed though, the article by Alexa was just more about denim and I wanted Alexa. Chloe (from said the same thing on her blog, she felt it was "really lacking in something". Coincidence? I think not. I do find the whole new head to toe in denim trend cool and interesting and all that, but any old journalist from Vogue could have talked to me about that. Lets leave Alexa just to talk about her own life and style inspirations, please? :)

Btw, I love the new Balmain and Lanvin adverts. I don't think they're even that new, but still, I love them:) I'll try and include a scan of them another time.


  1. Hey, I spy my name in your blog ;)
    Thaaank you and I know yeah same, I don't get Vogue often because it's so bloody expensive (£4 is such a rip off for a magazine :|), so yeah I got it purely for Alexa.
    The constant talk about denim was just really boring, though! :(

    And yesss, I love all of Balmain and Lanvin S/S '10. Nice post below as well, I'm not particularly fond of animal prints, I don't know why, maybe because I don't like animals, but yeah! :)
    Chloe XXX

  2. Ha, I don't like animals either (i'm scared to say it out loud though cus i'm scared i'll get reported to the RSPCA or whatever:( ) And I agree, £4 is a rip off. I really can't be bothered to read it although, I swear all I have done is read the Alexa one (which was all about denim) and the poo one( which I got bored halfway through) I think they put me off reading any other articles, tbh all i've done is looked at all the adverts, aha:) and thanks Chloe, and I had to but your blog on here, cus its awesome! And I basically have the same blog post as you :D
    Btw, even though I do not like animals, I do like animal prints. But I would never buy anything that killed an animal for their fur or skin. Though I think i'm rather hypocritical because I have a lot of leather clothes and furnishings in my house :/ Why does no one complain about leather?
    anyway i'll talk to you later Chlo
    -Anisha xx

  3. HAI
    Didn't see this, but omd yeah, I know. Everyone's like "you're so cruel, you hate animals!" and I'm like yeah, so? Ha, but yeah, I'm not buying Vogue for a long time. I got a sick NME magazine the other day with a 16 track CD, poster and voucher for £2.30 :)
    AHH SAME, I read the Alexa one and the Poo Taboo one, which was.. odd.
    And thank you Anish, haha :)
    I have to have leather, because plastic just doesn't last :( But yeah, I'd never wear fur ever, the idea freaks me out.
    Chloe XXX

  4. Ahahaaa, see thats the kind of magazines we want! Ones with freebies, cds, posters and vouchers! What was the cd/voucher/poster of/for?
    LOL Poo Taboo made me laugh, but it is quite true.
    And I agree very much so Chlo:) x

  5. Haha, well it was an NME awards package thing. The CD had 16 tracks with stuff like Animal Collective, Arctic Monkeys and some other good bands. Then, there was a poster of Gorillaz (I gave it to my friend) and then I got a voucher for 20% of Diesel :) and the articles were good, like they were about Bombay Bicycle Club, Laura Marling, Maccabees and stuff :D=
    Haha I knowww, Poo Taboo was odd, but funny. :)
    Chloe XXX