Sunday, 31 January 2010

Catwalk Trends for s/s 2010

I found this amazing article in the Sunday Times Style magazine (31/01).

Anisha - My favourite trend is definitely the denim shirt and pattern pieces, maybe becuase I've been wearing these looks for a while. I absolutely love patterns and patterned dresses. My favourite looks are from the Gucci Spring 2010 collection where they have fused tribal print into a typical wardrobe, with the print on dresses, jackets and shirts. My favourite has to be the printed stretch dress (see below). I want this badly in my wardrobe!

(Image from

Andie- The leather and denim has got to be my favourite trend! Still yet to find a perfect (and cheap) leather skirt but when i do i will LIVE in it.I'm also loving the patterned pieces especially the Alexander Mcqueen dresses. His innovative ideas and mixture of clashing colours, prints and textures do it for me.

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Want, want, want!

Which is your favourite trend?

I found my camera lead...

...which means I can upload pictures! Here are a few from last night at mine:

Andie Pandie.

Fernando Torres. Ah.

I wouldn't let her take a decent picture :)

Ahh, Rafael Nadal.

Me and Andie :)

I was messing around flicking through my Italian Vouge taking pictures as I did. I quite like the effect.

There should be another post soon with the pictures of our shopping trip and the items we brought.

Anisha x

Saturday, 30 January 2010

we have a thing for apples and acid washed jeans.

(Us setting up the Blog)

Hey guys, this is Andie and Anisha. Our highly anticipated blog is finally here! Sorry for the delay in making, us girls have such a busy life! We spent a while thinking of a name-witty yet innovative, what do you think?

We are two young girls both really into fashion and both inspired by other bloggers we have found from various sites. We have decided to make our own blog as we want to share with you our lives, our likes and dislikes of the fashion world, trends, our inspirations and aspects of the world which we find important!

Excuse us if our posts aren't daily or weekly or aren't that interesting or inspirational-we are new to this, don't say we didn't warn you!